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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

DAP says Malays are “morons”

Grandpapa Dapster Lim Kit Siang let fly with his ‘United Morons National Organisation’ name for Umno – see his statement yesterday screencapped below

Papa Dapster Lim Guan Eng brazenly did a ‘Pork is not Bak Kut Teh’ thing by claiming that his state’s National Day slogan was ‘Bersih’ but plus ‘cekap, amanah’, and chosen due to the DAP’s affinity with Tun’s 1980s-era governance rather than having anything to do with the Bersih 4.0 rally coming up.

And not only does Guan Eng call Malaysia a “rogue state“, he also accused the federal government of bullying Penang for being the only odd one out in refusing to comply with the “Sehati sejiwa” celebration theme.

It is only after the army, police and schools threatened to pull out of the Aug 31 parade in Penang that the chief minister backpedalled.

After an emergency exco meeting this morning, Lim Guan Eng reluctantly stood down or else he would have had the Hari Kebangsaan march past in Georgetown looking skeletal after the pullout of the military, police and school contingents.
The Dapsters, as to be expected, had putar-belit to bolster Guan Eng when he pulled the ‘Bersih’ fast one, and they again berbelit-belit today to defend the CM’s forced U-turn. These people can defend the indefensible, bohong, tipu dan fitnah without even missing a beat.

Hannah Yeoh
                  Hanna Yeoh     

Then you have Mama Dapster Hannah Yeoh accusing a Sin Chew columnist of being a Chinese extremist (holding “extreme views”) when he criticized her tudung chameleon act. Hannah portrayed that he was anti-Islam and unable to respect the requirement of a non-Muslim covering her hair when visiting mosques.

She postured for her Facebook fans, “I joined politics to fight against such mindset & I will not apologise for my stand”, adding that it was “unbecoming for the columnist to say such things”.

The evangelistas as anticipated went quite berserk in their defence of Hannah even though this is the Christian preacher who had threatened to lodge a police report against anyone passing on the (false) rumour that she had converted to Islam.

Is being mistaken for a Muslimah – especially when Hannah Yeoh keeps dressing like one – such a crime that the misinformation is deemed by Madame Speaker to warrant police action? Doesn’t this pertinent question cross the mind of the Malays who are fans of the DAP mosque occupiers?

Why are the Chinese so taksub to the Dapster family?

Why do the Malays allow the DAP to keep telling the world that they’re the victims when what the evangelistas are always doing, e.g. this Bersih-Merdeka putar-belit, is a form of bullying? Fitnah is worse than bunuh. The Dapster-evangelistas fitnah all the time.  

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