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Thursday, December 26, 2013

GEMPAR! Jarum halus dakyah Kristianisasi dicucuk The Star

Seorang pembaca blog Helen Ang telah berkongsi pengalamannya diperdaya (“duped”) oleh laporan indah The Star untuk membuat lawatan ke sebuah kapal mubaligh yang mendakwah agama Kristian.


Operation Mobilisation: “For decades, OM’s ships have travelled the world supplying literature, helping people in need, motivating Christians, training young people and sharing the Good News of God’s love.” (sumber:

Jemputan NECF

Mengikut laporan Borneo Post, kapal MV Logos Hope telah diundang ke Malaysia oleh National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF).

NECF seperti yang kita ketahui ada hubungan dengan politikus evangelis DAP serta pengerusinya Rev Dr Eu Hong Seng pernah mempersoalkan Perkara 153 Perlembagaan Persekutuan sebagai membuli lain-lain kaum — laporan ‘Perkasa gesa akta hasutan pada paderi Eu(Malaysiakini).


Rencana NECF (Sept 2011) menyatakan:
  • Logos Hope is also here to bless the community through conferences and seminars on board, through ministry teams sent on outreach, and through a two-week volunteer programme for Malaysians to experience work and service on the ship.”.
  • Those interested in the volunteer or “DEEP Discipleship” programme (Discipleship, Exposure to Missions, Express His Love, Practical Work) can choose from two phases in Port Klang from 29 Sept to 11 Oct, and 12 to 23 Oct. Volunteers work in one of the ship’s departments, and are discipled through evangelism, Bible studies and ministry.”.
  • Christian leaders looking to partner with Logos Hope for ministry opportunities can contact Jessica Kiely (email or mobile 012-281 9054) for onboard conferences and seminars, and Jongmin Lee (email or mobile 012-281 9043), for ministry and outreach teams.”.
  • Paid tours of the ship for church groups can also be arranged daily except on Mondays. Tour bookings will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. [...] A global ministry such as Logos Hope’s requires funding, and gifts from local churches will be welcomed.”
Maklumat di atas tentang kegiatan-kegiatan dakwah MV Logos Hope dipaparkan di laman sesawang NECF Malaysia. Terang-terang ia sebuah kapal mubaligh.

Malah nama kapal tersebut pun sudah terang lagi bersuluh. ‘Logos’ bermakna “lord”/”god”. Ia perkataan bahasa Yunani yang mambawa maksud “the Word of God, made incarnate in Jesus Christ”.


Jadi kenapa pula The Star enggan memaklumkan hal yang sebenar tentang fungsi dan matlamat dakwah Kristian kapal tersebut?

Nampaknya suratkhabar milik MCA ini bersubahat dengan gerakan Jerusubang.
Kata Bongek (2013/02/19 at 11:33 pm):


Sometime in late 2011, The Star run almost on daily basis news to promote a ship by the name of MV Logos Hope docked in Port Klang. Star said the ship is a floating book fair that offers 5,000 titles at affordable price ranging from sport, hobbies, cookery, arts, medicine, language and philosophy.

The Star further said, the ship is operated by GBA ships, a charitable organisation from Germany and crewed by volunteers.

What we discovered after our visit there, most of the books are Christian literatures and philosophy. The ship is operated by German Christian charitable organisation.

The Star conveniently hiding the facts about the Christian Charitable organisation, the books are almost exclusively Christian books and the crews are Christian missionaries.

We are fine with all these but the efforts to go Port Klang all the way are not worthwhile and felt being duped by The Star. You may Google The Star archives on MV Logos Hope. Nothing mentioned about Christian books, Christian missionaries or Christian Charitable Organisation based in Germany. A very subtle “dakwah Kristian” and The Star are deliberate.

You talk about The Star promoting “personality cult” evangelist and very “berkiblatkan envengalis” in their values….a very true observation indeed…
I still read The Star today but I am very suspicious of their agenda.”

The Star kuat mempromosi Kristian

Kapal MV Logos Hope dikendalikan oleh sebuah badan amal KRISTIAN.

Akan tetapi The Star sengaja tidak menyebut ‘Kristian’ – hanya ia dikatakan oleh suratkhabar itu berulang-ulang kali bahawa “MV Logos Hope is operated by GBA Ships e.V. – an international, charitable organisation registered in Germany”.

Sebenarnya ia sebuah “Christian charitable organisation registered in Germany”.


Meskipun The Star telah memuatkan sejumlah 9 rencana tentang kapal ini dalam tempoh 4 Sept-16 Okt 2011, namun tidak sekalipun ada perkataan ‘Kristian’ disebut. (Keputusan Google search di kaki halaman)

Maka adanya orang Melayu dan orang Islam yang termakan pujuk untuk melawat sebuah kapal yang membawa mubaligh-mubaligh Kristian mendakwah ke serata dunia.

The Star mempromosikan “pesta buku terapung” itu dengan berkata judul-judul meliputi subjek sains, sukan, kegemaran (hobi), masakan, seni, perubatan, falsafah dan bahasa.

Sebenarnya kebanyakan buku-buku yang dijual adalah buku-buku Kristian.


Cuba tengok bagaimana berita tentang kapal ini dilaporkan oleh media (negara) lain:
  • The floating library will also produce an on-board interactive program dubbed ‘Greatest Treasure,’ an hour-long imaginary voyage with an eccentric pirate crew, games, puppet show and a Christ-centered message of hope for the children.” — ‘Biggest floating library visits Subic Bay‘ (Philippines Information Agency).
  • The ship is hosted in Malaysia by NECF Malaysia.” (NECF ialah National Evangelical Christian Fellowship) — ‘100,000 expected to visit Logos Hope’ (The Borneo Post)
  • a book fair featuring over 5,000 different titles of educational and Christian books” (Wikipedia).
  • Not all of the vessel’s 400 Christian crewmembers will be helping keep Logos Hope shipshape during the dry dock period. Over 200 of those normally on board have headed inland to serve communities across Sri Lanka.” (Christian Telegraph)

Logos Hope welcomes two millionth visitor’

Cuba bandingkan liputan berita tentang pelawat ke-2 juta yang disiarkan di laman Christian Today (9 Sept 2011) dengan liputan The Star (4 Sept 2011).

Dalam Christian Today, ia dilaporkan bahawa “Operation Mobilisation’s ministry ship, Logos Hope, has welcomed on board her two millionth visitor. Local businessman Maha Vishnu stepped onto the ship in the port of Penang in Malaysia on September 3.”

Latar Kristian mubaligh kapal MV Logos Hope dilaporkan tanpa berselindung oleh media asing.

He was greeted at the top of the gangway by Captain Tom Dyer, Director Gian Walser and cheering members of the crew, made up entirely of Christian volunteers.

The 12,000 ton vessel was launched two and a half years ago to replace Logos II, which went into retirement after more than two decades of bringing the Gospel to the world.  [...]

The ship is stocked with 5,000 Christian and educational books available for purchase by locals wherever it is docked, a vital opportunity in areas where resources are scarce.

Mr Vishnu was joined by his wife Malina, six-year-old son Mahvandra, and four-year-old Trishikia.

He was presented with a bag of Logos Hope merchandise and a voucher to spend in the onboard ship fair.  [...] Not expecting the special treatment, Mr Vishnu commented, “I think I am the luckiest person!”

The vessel is scheduled to remain in Penang until September 27, after which it will sail to other ports around Malaysia before docking in the Philippines at the end of the year.”

Saya salin tampal (di bawah) rencana-rencana yang disiarkan oleh The Star.

Cuba bandingkan dengan laporan The Star yang juga turut memetik peni)ga (orang bisnes) Mahavishnu Veera­singam tersebut sebagai berkata dirinya “amat bertuah” kerana menjadi pelawat ke-2 juta yang diberi hadiah baucer percuma serta layanan istimewa.

Namun berlainan dengan laporan media asing, The Star tidak sekalipun menyebut tentang latar dan kegiatan Kristian di atas kapal tersebut.

Cuba anda baca sendiri The Star (di bawah).


Rencana-rencana The Star

4 Sept 2011: Logos gets two millionth visitor.

GEORGE TOWN: A visitor to the book fair on Logos Hope was pleasantly surprised to be named the two millionth visitor to the ship.
Businessman Mahavishnu Veera­singam, his wife and two children had come onboard at 1.20pm yesterday and were congratulated by Captain Tom Dyer and Logos Hope director Gian Walser.
They presented Mahavishnu with a goodie bag and a gift certificate worth RM160 to shop at the book fair and took the family on a tour of the ship’s bridge.
I feel like the luckiest guy in Penang. This is such a pleasant surprise for me and my family,” said Mahavishnu who came with his wife Malini Bismar, 29, and children Mahvendra, six, and Trishika, four.
Personal tour: Walser (left) and Captain Dyer taking Mahavishnu and his family around the book fair area yesterday
Mahavishnu, 33, said he was looking forward to buying some fiction, non-fiction and adventure books.
Dyer said that it was a big milestone for Logos Hope which has been sailing since 2009.
We have had very encouraging response in all the countries we visited,” he said, adding that the ship received its one millionth visitor in Liberia in August last year.
Logos Hope media relations officer Jessie LaPlue said the ship received more than 11,000 visitors a day during the recent Hari Raya-Merdeka public holidays.
Penang is Logos Hope’s first stop in the country. It will sail to Port Klang, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu before heading for Singapore.

15 Sept 2011: Port Klang stop for floating book fair

KLANG: After docking in Penang, the world’s largest floating book fair onboard MV Logos Hope will be in Port Klang from Sept 29 until Oct 23.
MV Logos Hope will berth at the Port Klang Cruise Centre, Pulau Indah (formerly known as Star Cruises Terminal, West Port), on its maiden voyage around the world.
The fair will be opened to the public from 10am to 10pm from Tuesdays to Saturdays, and 3pm to 10pm on Sundays.
It will be closed on Monday. Tickets only cost RM1 and admission is free for children under 12 who are accompanied by an adult.
The book fair offers an expanded selection of over 5,000 books at affordable prices.
They cover a range of subjects including science, sports, hobbies, cookery, arts, medicine, languages and philosophy.
MV Logos Hope is operated by GBA Ships e.V. – an international, charitable organisation registered in Germany.
29 Sept 2011

29 Sept 2011

30 Sept 2011: Biggest floating book fair in town

PORT KLANG: The world’s biggest floating book fair the MV Logos Hope has arrived at the cruise centre here.
The vessel, with almost half a million books from over 5,000 titles, will be here until Oct 23, Logos Hope managing director Gian Walser said.
The ship is making its maiden voyage around the world and Malaysia is the first eastern country we are berthing at,” Walser said yesterday during the book fair’s opening ceremony.
Book lovers: Visitors browsing for books on board the MV Logos Hope at the Port Klang Cruise Centre Thursday.
The vessel had previously docked at Penang and will be making its next stop at Kuching before proceeding to Kota Kinabalu.
Some 130,000 people are said to have visited the ship in Penang.
Logos Hope is not just a ship with many books or a travelling international community. It is, in fact, a vision to make a difference in this world.
Our sole purpose is to bring knowledge, help and hope to the people around the world,” Walser said.
The book supply is from donors in United Kingdom and United States, while several publishers had also donated their books, he said.
Our store has never run out of supply as we have good Samaritans filling them up,” he added.
Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development Senator Heng Seai Kie said the book fair was a good way to learn the diversified culture around the world.
Impressed with the non-salaried volunteers and crew on board, Heng also expressed hope that more Malaysians would take part in the journey.
There are now five Malaysians on board the Logos Hope, including a doctor, while another 25 are expected to be recruited soon.
The fair will be open to the public from 10am to 10pm from Tuesdays to Saturdays, and 3pm to 10pm on Sundays. It will be closed on Monday.
Tickets only cost RM1 and admission is free for children under 12 who are accompanied by an adult.
The books cover a range of subjects including science, sports, hobbies, cookery, arts, medicine, languages and philosophy.
MV Logos Hope is operated by GBA Ships e.V. an international charitable organisation registered in Germany.

4 Oct 2011: Living their dreams on board the ‘Logos Hope’

PORT KLANG: Sailing around the world and doing volunteer work without a monthly salary is not everyone’s cup of tea.
Five Malaysians, however, feel that they are living their dreams by volunteering on MV Logos Hope. In fact, they don’t even mind paying for the accommodation and food.
This has to be one the best choices I have ever made,” said private practitioner Dr Moses Lee, 69, of his decision to be a part of the world’s largest floating book fair on the ship.
Dr Lee and his 69-year-old wife Leow Hian Yook, a retired nurse, have two more months to go before completing their 13-month stint.
They have been enjoying their time on the vessel, despite several bouts of seasickness.
We believe life has just begun for us as we still feel young and vibrant,” said Leow, who worked at Hospital Kuala Lumpur for 27 years before leaving on humanitarian missions with her husband.
Leow said their three grown-up children were initially against the idea of them sailing around the world.
They were worried about our safety. But they relented when we told them of our dreams,” she added.
MV Logos Hope, which is run by a charitable organisation in Germany, will be here until Oct 23.
With about 400 volunteers, the book fair offers about 5,000 titles at affordable prices.
The book fair is opened to the public from 10am to 10pm (Tuesdays to Saturdays) and 3pm to 10pm on Sundays.
Another volunteer, Cheah Suet Yee, 27, a media and communication graduate, said: “I had always wanted to be a part of it. Luckily, I managed to join them this time by signing up for a 52-day programme,” she said.
Cheah has about 20 days to complete her service.
As for Lim Zhun Ming, 19, he has just completed his A-Level examinations.
I believe some day I will earn a modest income. For now, I feel it is better that I venture into humanitarian work and learn about the world,” Lim said.
Meanwhile, Plusliner Travel & Tours will be providing bus services to visit the floating library. There will be two departures points Terminal Bersepadu Selatan-Bandar Tasik Selatan (TBS-BTS) and Port Klang KTM commuter station.
The service will cost between RM8 and RM21. For more information, please call 1-300-888-KTB (528).


16 Oct 2011: Living with less

Imagine volunteering your family to serve on board a ship for two years. Yes, kids included.
WE are a typical suburban American family from Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is not what people like us usually do,” says Todd Sprinkel, laughing.
Our families were completely against it. We even had people take us out to dinner, sit us down and try to talk us out of it. Or try to convince us to at least let the kids stay with them while Molly and I went off!”
But Sprinkel, 48, and his family didn’t listen to such advice and have now been on board the Logos Hope for seven and a half months.
Todd and wife Molly, 47; sons Jonah, 16; Luke, 14; and Caleb, 13; and daughter Moriah, 11, are gathered in their cosy little cabin on board the world’s largest floating bookstore for our interview; the ship is docked at Port Klang, Selangor, until next Sunday.
About 10 years ago, the Sprinkels made a decision that would change their lives. Todd took his whole family on board a Mercy ship, with his oldest just six years old at the time and his youngest, a one-year-old baby.
Sprinkels, ahoy: (From left) Todd, Caleb, Moriah, Molly, Luke and Jonah in the living area of their family cabin on board the Logos Hope. — S.S. Kanesan/The Star
* Full story in The Star today.
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